Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I enjoy the look of a freshly mopped floor, the whistle of the train at night, the crisp fall air. I enjoy coffee and scones in fuel, discovering a new and lovely song, cuddling with Monkey at night when my brain won't let me sleep. I love how soft the fabric is on the inside of a new sweatshirt, hopping into a freshly made bed, the smell of laundry right out of the dryer. I love hot showers on cold days, and cold showers on hot one's. I love discovering new places in a town I have lived in for eleven years, and sharing those places with people I care about. I love the glow of lightning bugs and the distant murmur of cicadas. I love the smell of pinesol, and the feeling of aloe-vera on a sunburn. I love freckled faces, my organized clutter, and a freshly dusted room. I enjoy bandanas, cotton t-shirts, and a good joke. I love to laugh, to sing, to cry. I love riding my bicycle to work. I like reading the last sentence of a book, wrapping myself up in a hammock, and de-cluttering my purse. I love to feel wanted, and I love to want someone. I love the sound of my fan, the excitement of travel, and a good game of banana-grams. I love reading comics in the morning at breakfast, feeding my dog peanut butter, and watching Sex and the City. I love the sound of the wind rushing past my ears when I ride my bike down a hill, and settling down to a movie with a bag of m&ms. I love to appreciate what little I know of art, and the smell of the air just after it rains. I love change, but I love consistency. I enjoy easy summer reads, and the feeling of mud between my toes. I love short socks in the summer, and woolen socks when I'm cold. I love to fall asleep with a book in my lap, try on hats I would never purchase, and I love to wander.

I figured tonight my brain deserved a list of things it loves. My mind has grown tired of the complaints.
A slight break this evening.
The weather is beautiful. Just beautiful.
Pleasant thoughts and dreams.

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